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Welcome to Team Default.

We are currently in the midst of setting the website up, still a lot of things to be implemented. However let's give a quick introduction.

Team Default is not a professional racing team but rather some enthousiasts who teamed up to be able to enter (endurance) venues as a team and therefore be able to practice together without the pressure or time investment of a pro team. 

We are currently looking for members, so if you are interested or just curious, just drop us a message either on our forums or Discord

Current Simulators


Video of the Week

Here we will be posting the best video of the week, either by our members or forum members


No, these are not our sponsors (althought we wouldnt mind!).

We simply collected some banners of the companies and websites which might just be the biggest influencers in simracing at this moment.

Be sure to check them out.

About TD

Team Default was founded in 2020 to enable entering simracing at a level where ii is fun to drive without having to invest a lot of hours in practice.


Fun in racing comes first!

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